Too Many Suspects



Well done, if you managed to get to the end of the podcast!  I hope that it offered one or two new approaches for your family history research.  I have been teased for suggesting books that are old and hardly up to date.  (Sounds like me!)  Well, I doing it again this month.  These are three books that have helped me sort out my search records and notes held in every form from 35mm slides, analogue audio tapes to MP3 files and documents in the clouds!

David Iredale :  Enjoying Archives 1980

Wilfred Ashworth : Special Librarianship and Information Work

D W Lang : Critical Path Analysis

and if you are hopelessly over run with notes and records in different formats – on mixed subjects and no real subject at all ,  I’m sure you’ll find this one useful  (no, really)

D Langridge :  Your Jazz Collection

The podcasts are coming together nicely for the next three months. Please get in touch if you have some research to share.

Thanks for listening!

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