Companions of the Conqueror and The Battle Abbey Roll



Here are some related podcasts by others!

The Norman Yoke from BBC’s In Our Time

The Year That Changed English from The History of English Podcast

The Battle of Hastings from The History of England Podcast

Of the books, I noted in the podcast, Wagner’s English Genealogy and York Lowry Wilson I have mentioned many times; the details are in earlier show notes.

The Battle Abbey Roll can be downloaded from this link

Here are names which I listed from the Battle of Hastings

Robert de Beaumont; Hugh de Grandmesnil; William de Warren; Eustace of Boulogne;  William of Ereu; Geoffrey of Mortagne; Willm Fitzosborn; Ameri of Tours; William Giffard; Hugh de Montfort; Ralph de Tosny; William Malet; Odo of Bayeux; ; Fitzrolf; de Laigle; Wadard; Vital; de Mowbray; Robt Mortain; Goubert  Auffay;  Humphrey of Tilleul

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