Medieval Pipe Rolls

pipe roll four


Episode Nine looks at the Pipe Rolls of Medieval England and will be available from 7.30pm BST on 3 April.

Details of the two books I mentioned, Iredale’s Enjoying Archives  and The Introduction to the Study of the Pipe Rolls are included in the bibliography.

Here is the link to the digitised copy of the Introduction to the Pipe Rolls

These illustrations from the book demonstrate the table method for calculating tax

pipe roll one

pipe roll two

And here is a picture of the wood token which I mentioned.  Similar items were used as receipts in other circumstances at the time (and, for example, were found in the salvaged wreck of the Mary Rose)

pipe roll three

The Pipe Roll Society has a useful website. Please click the image for a link

pipe roll five

You may enjoy these further videos and podcasts around the subject

A Related Video from “Find My Past”

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