#22 Baptism Registers of England

I am sorry this episode went on so long.  It is still my intention that the Talk Genealogy Podcast should take up no more than half an hour of your time.


In tonight’s podcast I read from:

Shakespeare, the Biography by Peter Ackroyd, published by Chatto and Windus 2005

The History of Parish Registers by JS Burn.  Epworth Press edn 1976

Cambridgeshire Parish Registers vol 3  from Phillimore


I recommended:

Population Studies from Parish Registers (Local Population Studies Society) 1982

Latin for Family and Local Historians by Denis Stuart published by Phillimore 1995

The Common Stream by Rowland Parker


Other relevant episodes are:

Episode Ten.   The work of JS Burn and his History of Parish Registers  (including a section on Fleet Marriages)

Episode Fifteen. Graveyards

Episode Twenty. Marriage Licences


In the coming year, I am planning further episodes on:

Fleet and Border Marriages

Burial Registers

Marriage Registers

Marriage in England

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