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Episode 46 looks at the Tudor taxation records.  What were they? Where can we find the records? What do they contain and, most important, how can they help the genealogist with too much time on their hands





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Two children ‘died by poison but whether accidentally taken or maliciously administered there was insufficient evidence to prove.’







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  1. Mary Anderson

    Hello, I just watched your podcast on Youtube and found it very informative. I have just traced back part of my family…Truman Waller born in the 1700’s and was able to connect him back to Allured De Valor who they said was a COMPANION OF WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR. In your podcast, you spoke if only 15 proven Campanions. I am wondering how I can truly find out if I am a descendant of this man?


      1. mpt10kids

        Hello, Thank you for responding.  I watched the podcast you recommended and it certainly leaves doubt that this man actually was a Companion of William the Conquerer.  His name does not appear on the Abby Roll.  It is still amazing that I have my family tree traced back so very far  to 1010 to the father of Sir Alured de Valor.  In working with Ancestry.ca, I have found a branch going back to 1585 Germany where no one on my mother’s side has ever heard of a German connection.  To Truman Waller who faught in the Revolutionary War at age 20 in 1780 to that same person who in 1801 travelled up to Canada and who help find a new settlement on the Ottawa River called Wright’s Town (now Hull, Quebec) again on my mother’s side.  I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and have always been the one in my family who is interested in where we came from, why we came, when and how. I only wish my father was alive to see all this as he is the one who encouraged my interest in who is who in the family.  I have not really even begun to tackle my father’s side who I know came from Scotland but looking forward to looking into it.Thank you once again for answering my email.Mary AndersonSent from Samsung tablet


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