18 The Magna Carta and Family History (posted from 3 Jan 2018)

17. S.H.A. Hervey  (posted from 3 Dec 2017)

16. English Provincial Newspapers (posted from 3 Nov 2017)

15. Let’s Talk of Graves, of Worms and Epitaphs! 

14. 18th and 19th Century Poll Books

13. The Hearth Tax 

11. The Vestries of Old England 

12. Shakespeare, for example 

10. The Genealogist J S Burn – and the Empress of Ireland

9. Medieval Pipe Rolls

A bonus episode with advice for Americans Searching in England

8. Vicissitudes of Families (Bernard Burke)

7. Companions of the Conqueror

6. Working with Lists of Names

5. Too Many Suspects

4.W E Tate

3. Walking the Ground – Looking at Villages

2. Herald’s Visitations and Dugdale

1.Working with Tudor Wills